Your Solution for IT Service Catalogs & Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Valuemation helps you define a market-driven service portfolio and agree customized services in a service catalog. You manage and monitor the services and service providers (internal/external) throughout the supply chain. From ordering of a service to fulfillment – all processes are backed by a high degree of automation, which perceptibly increases the quality of service, yet slashes service costs sustainably.

Controlling of processes
Controlling of processes throughout the service supply chain


Valuemation enables you to

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by offering higher quality and enabling measurement of clearly defined IT services
  • Offer service customers a tailored IT service catalog and end users a service shop with personalized IT services and products
  • Cut IT costs by efficient, standardized service delivery and high ability to compare providers
  • Manage internal and external service providers comprehensively and measure their delivery quality on the basis of SLAs
  • Position IT as a business partner by gearing the IT service portfolio uncompromisingly to business objectives.

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This solution comprises the following modules:

IT Service Continuity Manager
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Service Level Manager
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Service Portfolio Manager
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Service Request Manager
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Supplier Manager
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