Valuemation Service Monitoring Manager

The Valuemation Service Monitoring Manager, which is based on the ZIS-System from LeuTek, enables you to monitor the availability of mission-critical business and IT services and agreed service levels in real time. Its graphical displays and event correlation capabilities let you identify the potential impact of problems in the IT infrastructure and take action before outages and SLA violations occur. The integrated alarm (“interrupt”) management and the embedded operating interfaces permit rapid fault analysis and correction.

Valuemation Service Monitoring Manager
Service level monitoring and mapping of business services for the IT infrastructure


Valuemation enables you to

  • Ensure compliance with agreed service levels by continuous monitoring of service availability and service components in real time
  • Be alerted about problems automatically and interpret them better by means of graphical visualization
  • Increase security in IT operations by being able to take immediate action when problems arise and prevent outages proactively
  • Deal with problems efficiently, since incidents are handled on the basis of rules and are automatically assigned and passed on to the responsible agent (groups).

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