Handling Service Requests in the Facility Management Team

Valuemation allows you to define facility management services and then make them available on demand to members of staff, executives or employees at the company. New service requests are automatically assigned so that they are handled by the responsible member of staff. Personal to-do lists and automatic reminders help staff deal with them in time. Extensive analysis functions make the number and scope of the facility management services transparent and help you identify bottlenecks and optimize service processes.

Requests in facility management

Self-service Offerings for Employees

You can make the facility services defined in Valuemation directly available on demand to users of offices and their equipment by means of the integrated self-service solution Smart Link . The user interface of this self-service solution is similar to an Internet shop and so can be used intuitively by any user without the need for training. Employees can thus report problems easily (such as “faulty beamer”) or request services (such as “hospitality for meeting room YXZ”) and see their current service requests and the status of them at a glance. If required, employees can also contact facility management directly, e.g. using a chat function.

You can proactively store important information from facility management (e.g. “rental car regulations” or “organization’s relocation”) in a database. That means frequently asked questions from employees can be answered directly by self service.

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Self service for facility service management topics

Configuration and Automation of Facility Management Processes

Valuemation lets you configure any desired facility management service processes, such as “Rectify fault in sanitary equipment” or “Apply for access card.” You can define the process steps required, as well as the persons responsible for handling, examining and approving them. Facility management processes can also be completely automated so that, for example, admission is blocked if loss of an access card is reported, without the need for a member of the facility management staff to have to take any manual action.

Modeling of facility management processes

Asset Management

 Valuemation allows you to capture and manage all assets to be administered by facility management, such as buildings, offices, furniture, heating systems, air-conditioning systems, etc. Service requests and problem reports are automatically assigned to these assets, meaning that the current status and history of an asset can be seen at all times.

Overview of available assets

Monitoring and Control of Systems via IoT Interfaces

As a result of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more technical systems, such as heating, air-conditioning, lighting and locking systems, are connected to the Internet. Valuemation lets you integrate these network-enabled systems in asset management and so remotely monitor and control them automatically.

Problems with technical systems


By using Valuemation in facility management

  • You increase employee satisfaction by improving the quality of service in facility management
  • Continuously optimize the assignment of work thanks to transparency on the amount of work and capacity utilization in facility management
  • Free up resources to deal with strategically important facility management processes by increasing efficiency in operational processes.

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