This is Smart Link

Smart Link is a self-service software that pools all IT-related information and support functions for IT end users in a single channel. Whether incident reports, IT-related questions or service requests: Smart Link is always the first place for users to go to. Existing systems, such as the IT ticket system, service request applications or document repositories, are not replaced, but simply complemented by Smart Link.

This is Smart Link

High User Acceptance

User acceptance decides whether a self-service application is a success. Smart Link achieves that by its unique and intuitive mode of operation: Users ask their question and suitable answers from FAQs or helpful documents in the knowledge base are proposed while they are entering their search. If an answer is not found, users can immediately create a ticket or request a chat with IT support or ask to be called back. Already known incidents are directly displayed as news, meaning that queries to IT support are often no longer necessary. In addition, Smart Link enables users to see their personal tickets or service requests at all times and track their status.

Product Surface
Intuitive operation and relevant information right on the home page

No Disappointments for Users

With many self-service solutions, users have to decide at the outset whether they wish to search in the knowledge base, report an incident or submit a service request. If they decide to search in the knowledge base, they won’t find a solution in around 80% of cases. Experience shows that solutions can be documented and provided in the knowledge base at reasonable cost and effort for only around 20% of problems. Smart Link lets you eliminate these “disappointments” in IT self service: Even if a solution to every question is not immediately available, Smart Link always helps users make progress. They can launch a chat, crate a ticket or ask to be called back as soon as they have entered a question. This 100% sense of achievement ensures high satisfaction and frequent use of the self service solution.

Fewer Tickets, More Support

Smart Link ensures that existing solutions and contents in knowledge bases are also actually used. That slashes the number of IT tickets lastingly and effectively. Smart Link also makes IT support more efficient – for example by means of

  • Pinpointed notification (alerting) of incidents and maintenance work
  • Parallel handling of several user questions by means of a chat
  • Automatic diagnosis
  • Direct forwarding of screenshots with the ticket

and more. As a result, multiple tickets and the need for support staff to get back in touch with users are avoided effectively and ticket resolution times are reduced significantly.

Support for All Types of Terminal Device

Smart Link can be used on all terminal devices – either as a Windows application (that can be called from the task bar), as a web/browser-based application or as an app on tablets and smartphones under iOS and Android. That means IT end users are supported in all situations, whether they are on the road or at their desk in the office.

Smart Link Desktop
Looks neat and is very simple.
Intuitive operation, elegant design: Smart Link also impresses with its outer values – at first sight.
Smartphone Surface
Can also be used on the road.
Smart Link provides support in every situation.
Smartphone Chat
On tablets and smartphones:
The right app for every device.

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