The Knowledge Base as the Central Knowledge Repository

The knowledge base is very important for solving IT questions and problems that end users have by means of self service. These and further elements provide users with particularly efficient support as part of self service:

Intelligent Search

A search in the knowledge base begins as soon as the question is entered: The user types it in and Smart Link immediately supplies suitable results below the search field. The fault-tolerant search function automatically takes into account different spellings, synonyms or the like.

Smart Link Knowledge Base


A look at the list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them is often useful. Documents that have been used particularly often are shown at the top of the list, since they are most likely to help other users.

Active Documents

An interactive questionnaire systematically guides users through a series of questions to the solution and – depending on the answers – they are shown useful content or referred to attachments or integrated multimedia content, such as explanatory videos, screenshots, diagrams or the like. As a result, more complex technical problems can be handled in a structured way and users can solve many queries on their own.

Smart Link Active Documents

Flexible Editorial Processes

The knowledge base enables flexible configuration and controlling of editorial processes (workflows) for creating and maintaining documents, access rights and versioning of documents and their change history.

Integration of Any External Knowledge Sources

You can integrate any desired internal and external data sources with Smart Link, such as documents in the file system, Wikis, discussion forums, blogs, collaboration platforms (such as MS SharePoint) and intranet portals, Notes databases and much more. All data sources are searched in parallel with the intelligent search function.

The evaluations of the search queries supply you with information on what documents are required by users: For what queries was no suitable solution found? Which documents were useful and which were not? That enables new solution documents or FAQ entries to be created selectively – and so an immediate contribution can be made to reducing tickets at reasonable effort.

The knowledge base in Smart Link is based on USU's software Knowledge Center. The latter’s functionality is integrated and can be fully used in Smart Link.

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