Key Success Indicators

Smart Link links IT end users with IT support in a very smart way – and so delivers perceptible benefits to both. You can also achieve these potential savings, since the key performance indicators have been measured in practice at our customers:

Smart Link Key Success Indicators

20% Fewer Tickets in IT Support

Users prefer to help themselves – and Smart Link lets them enjoy doing that. Solutions are searched for automatically in the knowledge base, since the search is integrated in the ticket entry process and so does not entail any extra effort for users. That significantly increases the use of documents in the knowledge base. At the same time, the number of tickets forwarded to IT support is reduced. Experience from practical use of Smart Link shows that it enables the number of tickets to be reduced sustainably by up to 20%.

50% to 90% Reduction in Ticket Resolution Time

Automatic addition of screenshots and system data to tickets makes problem diagnosis for IT support a lot easier. A further aid is provided by active documents in the knowledge base, which gather information from the user in structured form and so reveal details of the solution approach used to date. As a result, IT tickets can be classified far better and handled faster, while the typical situation where staff need to get back to users is avoided. Smart Link enables the resolution times for typical problems to be reduced by around 50% – and even by over 90% for questions that can be solved completely by means of self service.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Smart Link makes IT support for users perceptibly easier and better – thanks to intuitive user guidance and wide-ranging, state-of-the-art means of communication with IT support. This not only ensures high acceptance and intensive use, but also gives users a 100% sense of achievement: Even if a solution to every question is not immediately available, Smart Link always helps users make progress. The result is greater customer satisfaction with IT support. Service providers avoid and reduce IT tickets in first level support and create a positive image by offering state-of-the-art and efficient support.

The integrated reporting functions let you measure and keep on optimizing the success of your self-service offering.

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