The Modern Channel for Communication with IT Support

"Conventional" support channels – a telephone hotline or ticket system – do not offer the fast response users want and take up too much time for both parties. With asynchronous methods of communication such as a messenger or chat, however, there is a time lag in interaction between participants and so that lets them do several things at once. That's why many – especially younger – users like using applications such as WhatsApp or the Facebook Messenger in their private life.

With Smart Link, you offer IT end users an additional, modern means of communicating with IT support: Users can obtain direct and rapid assistance by means of a chat with a member of the support staff. Questions for which a search has already been carried out are automatically transferred to the chat.

Product Surface Chat

Up to Four 4 Chat Dialogs at the Same Time

Support staff can communicate with up to four users simultaneously by chat. In the course of the dialog, IT support employees can, for example, send links to possible solutions or ask users to complete a structured list of questions that enables the problem at hand to be analyzed more quickly.


Transfer of the Chat Dialog to the Ticket

If Smart Link is integrated in an IT ticket system, a ticket is automatically created with each chat. The chat dialog is transferred to the ticket and the latter can be set to "resolved" by the member of the support staff after the user has been helped successfully.

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