Automatic Notification of Incidents and Maintenance Work

Actively notifying IT end users of known incidents and upcoming maintenance work is an effective means of reducing the number of queries and problems reported to IT support. As a result, load peaks in IT support can be prevented.

Only Affected Users are Notified

With the alerting functionality of Smart Link, you can precisely define the persons who are to be notified. For example, you can select specific locations, organizational units or IP address ranges. In addition, the problem can be assigned to a specific application. That means users are informed that there is an incident only if they currently wish to use the application in question. The time of the alerts can also be restricted, so that they are only shown in the defined period.

Urgent Messages as a Pop-up Message

As an administrator/editor, you can decide whether a message is only shown as information in Smart Link under "Latest News" or if it is displayed as a pop-up message simultaneously on the screens of all affected users.


Users Can Subscribe to Status Messages

End users can be informed of updates to the message in question by subscribing to the notification. They can likewise close the pop-up window permanently and so not receive any further notifications.

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