Preconfigured Dashboards for Your IT Role

Service Intelligence supports you with preconfigured dashboards for your respective role and in all relevant ITIL® processes. As a result, you readily obtain information relevant to your area of responsibility and are informed of the current status, quality and performance of your IT service processes at all times.

Graphical visualization of key performance indicators means you can detect deviations and trends at a glance. That enables you to identify weak points and dependencies in your IT operations so that you can then analyze and optimize them in a targeted manner. That enables you to intervene actively before service levels are violated.

Examples of dashboards:

Dashboard with instant KPIs
Predefined dashboards mean you have an overview of all IT processes – for various roles in IT service management.
Dashboard Service Manager
Example of a predefined dashboard for a service manager.
Dashboard Incident Management
Role-based dashboards
Example of a predefined dashboard for an incident manager – for use with a web client or on mobile devices.
Dashboard Change Management
Compare your data using the suitable type of chart – in the example: changes per status and category.
Dashboard Customer Satisfaction
Recognize interrelationships and potential effects quickly – for example between a service downtime and customer satisfaction.
Dashboard Service Level KPIs
Interpret your data quickly and obtain information at a glance – by values formatted in color in tabular or chart form.

The dashboards can be adapted dynamically to your customized queries and are easy to configure. As a browser-based application, Service Intelligence supports all conventional Internet-capable end-user devices, such as desktop PCs, notebooks and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. That means you can access important evaluations anytime, anywhere.

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