Example KPIs for service request management

With Service Intelligence, you use predefined KPIs in service request management and so can efficiently control, monitor and optimize service requests and handling of them. Among other things, you learn what types of request you have delivery problems with or how the time you need to handle service requests develops over time and for each business partner.

KPIs for service requests

  • Number of submitted service requests
  • Number of approved service requests
  • Number of rejected service requests
  • Number of handled service requests
  • Number of aborted service requests
  • Number of closed service requests
  • Number of still open service requests (request backlog)

Process KPIs

  • Average approval time
  • Average gross and net time needed to handle the service requests (fulfillment)
  • Average time to closing of the service request
  • Number or percentage of service requests handled within the agreed SLA
  • Average price of a service request

Quality KPIs

  • Number and percentage of successfully handled service requests
  • Number and percentage of unsuccessfully handled service requests
  • Percentage of reopened service requests
  • Average time in which a service request is pending

These and other key performance indicators are available to you and can be concretely analyzed – per request type, request date and completion date, date of approval, person who submitted the request, organizational unit, delivery address, process status, request service, project, request item type, business partner or client – and is any desired combination of these dimensions.

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