Data Integration

So that you have a 360° view of your IT services, Service Intelligence acts as a central platform, integrating data from various IT service management systems – for example from ticket systems/help desk tools, monitoring systems and ITSM solutions – in an overarching, consolidated perspective. You are provided with predefined data adapters and connectors that you can tailor on your own to the special features of your IT infrastructure by means of simple script adjustments and configure in a very short space of time.

All relevant data is automatically read from your ITSM system and, if necessary, from other data sources, aggregated and stored in the data warehouse by Service Intelligence and automatically historized. Predefined data marts and different aggregation levels enable you to create queries quickly and so obtain the results of your evaluation directly and with a high level of performance.

Example: Service Intelligence as an integrated IT analytics solution for ServiceNow

Service Intelligence: Integration with ITSM systems
With Service Intelligence, you present IT data in a consolidated, central view. The IT analytics solution can also be used together with an existing ITSM application that only offers inadequate reporting and analysis options.

Whether data from cloud-based systems or sensitive data from locally installed applications: Service Intelligence lets you bring this data together and present it in a central view so that you can carry out overarching evaluations and correlation analyses. If you change your cloud service provider, you also thus ensure that all existing data is historized reliably and can still be analyzed in a data warehouse in future.

Service Intelligence can also be used just selectively or in conjunction with an existing ITSM application that offers only inadequate reporting and analysis options.

Preconfigured Data Adapters

Service Intelligence offers preconfigured data adapters for these and other ITSM systems:

  • BMC Remedy
  • CA Service Management Software
  • HP Service Manager
  • IBM Tivoli
  • ky2help
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • ServiceNow

It can be integrated with further systems in a very short space of time by means of simple script adjustments.

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